Email Marketing

Email marketing aims to move your prospects from one point to the next in your sales funnel. The email marketing services that I offer is to help you speed up your sales cycle. In other words, emails inspire people to purchase your goods and services to be sent to your clients. My email marketing strategies and work will build entertaining newsletters and sales-driven emails to help you stay at the top. I am also aiming to deliver a systematic flow of emails to your marketing leads. I can also create “drip campaigns” or email automation sequences. This is to speed up the sales cycle, save your precious time, and build your business on a faster scale with my email marketing services.

We Found the Best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Why do you need Email Marketing?

So here are a few reasons why you should consider using Email Marketing Services. 

  1. Every day, 90% of clients search their emails.

For several years snail mails are there and were used for every brand’s ads, but as of now Email is the latest thing. That’s how in this age we meet our clients.

2. Email program is used by 9 billion people

Email is one of the most important corporations’ correspondence. In this sense, e-mail is one of the best lines to reach you and give you the idea of your business.

3. 80% of consumers want to receive promotional e-mails from organizations with which they work.

We named clean warm leads with the right target market. It will be much easier to sell, so customers looking at your company probably want to see promotional newsletters.

4.1/3 e-mail goods and services used by consumers

Because of the pandemic, even the procurement of goods and services is the safest kind of interactions. Email was a form of a distribution portal for consumers who want to be provided with their services without direct interaction.

5. In reality, your clients check their e-mails every day.

You would like to collect updates from brands under which you work. But they like it only if you email user friendly contents. I am doing the job for you with my email series

My Email Marketing Services are:

Strategy for Email Marketing

The first thing I would do is create an email marketing plan for your company—the “who, what, when and how” of your campaign will be identified. We’re going to research the audience and decide who will be the right target audience. We will also create a content plan in order to evaluate the message of your brand and how we can add value. Lastly, we will decide when emails will be forwarded and how their output will come with the marketing funnel.

Create Great Lead Magnets

The next thing we do is create an email list improvement strategy. This normally involves creating lead magnets or offers which encourage people to provide their email address for you in exchange for something of value. Examples of lead magnets are free manuals, checklists, questionnaires, eBooks, etc. These are the steps on how we can produce more knowledge for you in order to draw more leads for your company.

Create Engaging Call to Action

The next step in my email marketing plan to help your lead magnets is to show call-to-actions on your website. You can then become email subscribers to guests on your website. Typical website call-to-actions contain floating headers, website pop-up forms, sidebar forms etc.

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