Harmful Side-Effects of Using our Daily Personal Hygiene: Deodorant

We are currently living in a hectic world. We are always out for lunch, groceries, or even parties. So what we do is take care of our hygiene. The first thing before we go out is we take a shower. After that, we can make sure we can stay out with our friends and families for an extended period without any distractions of a foul odor. We use deodorants. 

Deodorant is one of the personal hygiene men and women never miss out to use every day. Come to think about it, going out without putting deodorant on. And then after a few hours of work, you now smell bad. No one might come close to you. So that’s where deodorant comes into action to help you do your daily duties the whole day without the problem of foul odors.

Some studies also say that deodorants may show harmful side-effects to our bodies. Here are some of the things you might want to consider as an effect of using deodorants.

But before we discuss that. We will be discussing as well the history of deodorants.


Deodorant usage started even during the ancient time. But it was not known as a deodorant yet; people already tried to find ways to remove the foul odor in their body. So old people used oils that had scents and put it in their underarm. 

And that way of living has been received by the Americans that made the first deodorant that was MUM. And the next was Everdry, but the substance used is so vital that it even destroyed clothing. But a lot of companies tried to surpass that until today: no more severe effect, and much better scents.

And with that in mind, here is a list of harmful side effects you will experience in modern-day deodorants

Side Effects

  • Rashes
    • Some deodorants have a powerful chemical compound that can irritate the skin. So we recommend once you experience this, STOP that type of deodorant and change it.
  • Inflammation and redness
    • Some deodorants will cause redness and also inflammation to your skin. This is because the deodorant’s chemical compound was made to fight bacterias that produce odor. But in return, it hurts your skin.
  • Breast Cancer
    • Studies suggest that deodorant may cause breast cancer. Studies have tried to check the chemical compound of deodorant, and it shows that there is this substance called estrogen.
  • Asthma
    • Currently, deodorants are not just roll-on types. We also develop a kind of deodorant spray. By using that, you can also inhale the strong chemicals that will trigger your asthma.


So there you have it; we have already explained the right side and wrong side of a deodorant. We are always using this every day as part of our hygiene, but make sure to choose what’s suitable for you and your skin. Never forget to do a skin test once you want to try a new brand and type of deodorant.

This is to make sure you won’t have issues with the side effects. Also, deodorants nowadays are created with natural ingredients to go away with harmful chemical side effects.

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