How To Spend a Day or Night in Sydney:100 Party ways for Hens

We have compiled 100 different ways to enjoy a day or night before the wedding and the hens.

Are you looking for the best day or night with the hens before the wedding? Let us help you decide on what to do. We made sure to have you think twice about how you want to spend your night before your big day. And before we start, here are also some of the things you need to know about a hens party.

What is a Hens Party?

A bachelorette party that is a different term for a hens night. This is done or held a night before the wedding ceremony. This is a tradition to say the final farewell to being a maiden.

So before you say goodbye to that status, you need to make sure you leave with a BANG!

Here is our compilation of the 100 ways on how to spend a day or night in Sydney. We hope you will have a BLAST!

50 activities during the day.

  1. The Squires Landing, The Rocks

This brewhouse is Australia’s newest James Squire Brewhouse. The place is a two-story restaurant and brewhouse fully glazed microbrewery with excellent 270-degree views overlooking the Sydney Opera House and the Opera House. James Squire’s flagship brewhouse offers a private table for ten people with a water view that gives you a relaxing vibe over the Opera house. This place is a good venue for a day with the HENS

  1. The Boat House 

A boathouse with a relaxed cafe vibe and magnificent beachside venue make this a perfect spot for a Hens party to be celebrated. Go get there after breakfast in order to secure a picnic table on this timber deck and order the popular beer-battered The Boat House. This experience would be very unforgettable for you and your bridesmaids.

  1. Four Seasons Private Dining and Drinks Platinum

Celebrate your occasion in cultured style with a mild all-inclusive event package hosted in a private dining room. This hotel offers a luxurious vibe and treats your guests to a mouthwatering 3-course dining package, choosing from a range of delicious modern Australian dishes designed by the hotel’s executive chef.  If you and your Hen love foods, this should not be off your list.

  1. Rockfish

If you would like to have a little adventure before your wedding day, Rockfish Catamaran Charter has it for you. Come onboard on Rockfish and meet our friendly crew. This is perfect for any games you may have planned for the program. With a big boat and cruising around holding a bottle of champagne would be a nice time to remember. 

  1. Fastlane Karting

Racing cart lovers, we have something for you! We offer you the ultimate hen’s experience here in Sydney. Here at Fastlane, we now have the best package for you and for your girls to gather for a Hen’s party or any kind of event. The package includes karting with an air hockey table and pizza lunch. 

  1. Real Escapes – Sydney Hens Party & Bridal Shower Spa Pamper Package

Feel special with your bride to be with this spa pampering party! It includes 60 minutes of your choice of a relaxation oil massage or Rejuvenating facial. You will be spoiled in style and friendly spa with this specialized bridal shower package. So it is prefered for you to relax a day before your big day.

  1. Delta Force Paintball

Wanna try something different? Delta Force Paintball offers the best Sydney paintball experience that gives you and your girlfriends action-packed excitement, fun, and adrenaline. Our center is located on the South Western Freeway, and it is very accessible for everyone. This extreme activity will surely break a sweat and satisfy you and your bridesmaids enjoyment.

  1. Experience Oz

An official site in Australia that offers different adventures like an extreme plunge of an epic bungee jumping experience. This adventure will surely have you and your bridesmaid feel the rush. Not everyday you get a chance to do a bungee jump.

  1. Plan A Unique and Artful Hens Party With The Artful Hen

If you’re not into men strippers in girl parties, this is a perfect place for you. This is another level to express your emotions and creativity by doing a nude painting of a man standing in front of you with your friends.  Anything is fun indeed as long as you’re with your friends. This is perfect for artistic people to celebrate their happiness, have fun with their friends enjoying the view in front of you, and translate it into a painting. 

  1. Talking Turkey

Are you looking for outstanding catering? You have come to the right place! We offer to host for your celebration. Talking Turkey believes that cooking is an art. Talking Turkey provides a professional corporate catering service for your events, whether they be casual, smart, or prestigious, for small and big businesses. 

  1. Bubble Soccer 2U – Archery Warz

We are excited to announce our newest game, the Archery Warz. It is a mix of paintball and dodgeball. The game is a fast-paced game with extreme pack action that is suitable for ages 14 and above and can be played either indoors or outdoors on almost any surface.

  1. Pineapple Tours

The Pineapple Tours promises the alternative traditional hen’s right. The provider offers exclusive, VIP tours visiting the best wineries Sydney could offer.  You would be able to experience the beauty of the Tamborine mountains. This venue is good for a hens party that would like to feel the natures ambience.

  1. Cocktail High Tea at Gunners Barracks

It has one of the most beautiful locations in Australia; the view from the restaurant indeed is truly breathtaking; nature can be seen as you take a sip of your tea. The masterpiece of this place was firstly an officer’s mess that was built back way in 1873, an infrastructure that was made out of quarried sandstone. Perfect for a Hens party celebration.

  1. The Vintage Kitchen

An establishment can be hired on very special occasions like engagement, baby showers,but most especially a Hens night to be  held in the garden. The Vintage Kitchen is the best if you want to have an elegant set up for the occasions you love to celebrate. Due to popularity, The Vintage Kitchen can be seen often in tv shows as well as in movies.

  1. Sydney Harbour Kayaks

If you are a sea person who loves to travel, seeing the beautiful view of the seawater, Sydney Harbor Kayak is perfect for you. Everyone loves adventures; this kayaking is a time out for other activities because you’ll experience one of the best adventures you will experience. This activity is perfect with you and your bridesmaid to enjoy before the wedding day.

  1. Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

A 5-star hotel with great ambiance as well as food offerings. Customer service is also at the next level because staff are a friendly and well-inviting. This venue is great for a hens night with a beautiful view of the sea wether it would be in the morning or evening event.

  1. Maniax

This activity gives you the best experience that will bring you closer to being a good axe thrower. Axe throwing sports is a must-try in Aussie and also with you and your bridesmaids. The perfect place to loosen the stress that gives you and your bridesmaid a peace of mind before the big day.

  1. Zen Day Spa

Oasis of peace and silence from beauty treatments to skin care. Our mission is always centered on the well-being of our clients. Zen Day Spa will give you peace in mind and relaxation to your body. Perfect for you and your girlfriends to pamper yourselves.

  1. Relax Unwind

Relax Unwind is the one you need; here, you can enjoy, relax, and the massage that soothes through your skin. They offer 15 minutes of Treatment, including manicure, pedicure, and many more for a standard package, the deluxe package for 30 minutes that comes with a foot scrub, 45 minutes for the Premium package, and lastly, the ultimate package, a 1-hour treatment for the overall body. 

  1. Region X

Half-day kayaking on a remote, inaccessible, and surprising location to explore in the water or just chill. This tour is specially designed to make the most amazing paddling through coastal terrain.  They operate in various regions of Sydney.So this activity will surely tighten the bond of you and your girlfriends as well.

  1. Hens Shooting Cruise

Hens Shooting Cruise is the best thing for you and your bridesmaids if you love this kind of recreational activity, instead of just getting out and drinking around with the girls. They offer food and beverages as well, and that includes BBQ meals complete with salad, along with a full bar.

  1. Sierra Escape, Mudgee

The first and only luxe glamping retreat. It is located in the North-West of Sydney. You can have the magnificent views of wildlife here. The place is insulated for all seasons and even a deck out front where you can sit back, relax, and watch the sunset. Great area for Hens that prefer more of a nature way to spend the hens party.

  1. Adrenaline

Adrenaline is a bungee activity located at Queenstown. Bungee jumping experience can be divided into three moments: prejump, freefall, and post jump. The price range of Adrenaline’s bungee jumping is around 99$ to 300$. Don’t miss out on this thrilling activity! Especially when you and your girlfriends love extreme adventure.

  1. Rainbow Hens – Barefoot Bowls

A special day for barefoot bowls to boldly go where no hens have ever experienced before.You can experience and see, this hen’s party ticks all the boxes on the field with a drink on hand and in the evening, continues with a stunner practically wearing nothing.  

  1.  My Ultimate Hens – Turbo Chick

Heat up your engines and pull your visor down! Because we’re about to Unleash your adrenaline and get your competition on with this blazing filled Sydney. You are kicking off the race where all your bride tribe tears the race track. The track is 30 hectares of raceway and spanning for more than 2kms in length. 

  1. Luddenham Raceway

A Go-karting event has to be the extreme Hens activity, a fun day to spend your time with Sydney’s newest Outdoor Go Karting center. You can book with a minimum of 10 people and may book one of our group events, such as a Mini Grand Prix or Grand Prix.

  1. Go Bananas World – Skydiving Hens

Extravaganza night out that takes place in Sydney CBD with an interesting burlesque show and available dinner packages. A great place to hang out with friends for a Hens Party night out at Sydney. 

  1. My Ultimate Hens – Exquisite High Tea & Winery Tour Sydney

There will be bus games, this will provide you with some of your s

girlfriends games to play. While everyone is excited for a day of a glass of fine wine. Your next stop is for Exquisite high tea luncheon with a twist. Overlooking grounds of rose gardens and water! After your darling Hens party it’s time to go ahead for the next winery for one last stage. 

  1. Foodie Experience

For all foodie lovers we are inviting to be part of our Hens Party challenge where you unleash your inner girly chef with a unique Hens weekend in Sydney.  Chill and relax with your ladies in the afternoon you may also use the pool. We also have a party chef host at our marvelous Harbourside Restaurant. After all the creative party  the night is still young! Head true north into the nightlife and continue partying.

  1. Little Miss Party Planner

We are Little Miss Party Planners. We are here for you, we cover all the party planning needs and offer you the inclusive boho packages. From decorating the ambience of the place including parks, beaches, garden or even your backyard to full catering, we got it all for you. Per person package, you can also buy your own food and beverages for optional.

  1. Kangaroo Valley

If you’re looking for a place to unwind and think about what life gives you, Kangaroo Valley is perfect for you. A breathtaking view of Australia where you can see the beautiful nature and a good place to have adventure. With regards to their food, you can go to the restaurants that provide locally produced products that are perfect for a place to relax and have fun with your girlfriends. 

  1. Throw Axe

If you are bored enough to stay at home and do nothing, Throw Axe is perfect for you. An activity where you can enjoy throwing axes to the target, same as a dart game but with a different equipment. A unique activity indeed where you can enjoy with your loved ones and friends. We also specialise events like team building, birthday parties, hens/bucks parties. After your 2 hour session you are welcome to hang out in our chill out zone with your group. Sit back, relax and you deserve a cold beer. 

  1. Archery Games

If you think you are in the mood for an extreme activity. This activity will surely have you and your bridesmaids enjoy it. You would be able to have a bow and arrow in hand and a target to hit. So make sure to bring your girlfriends along for the best archery hens party ever.

  1. The Sconery

This café doesn’t only offer delicious food but also has staff that are accommodating. They also offer baking and dessert making classes that are perfect for aspiring baker, cook or anyone who wants to start their own pastry business. As well as, offers baking parties to any type of party especially for hens’ parties.              

  1. Rainy Sunday

Offers services like; floral arrangements, event planning and designing. The business works hard to indeed innovate their knowledge for their customers to create a good impact and better services. Their passion by using eclectic palettes and to improve their choice of services and products to satisfy their customer’s needs and wants.   

  1. Cupcake Baking Party

If you like to improve your skills in making cupcakes to make your work be more like made by a professional baker due to its good taste and appearance, this is perfect for you.  This recreational activity will surely spend your time in a productive way. This party can really make you have fun and learn at the same time, for cupcakes are part of every party, the unique thing is, you’ll be the one to create it.      

  1. Sydney Hens Silent Disco Tours

This is an event that can warm you up and make your mood lively because Sydney Hens Silent Disco Tours offers your guests a funky invitation, followed by a piece of live music with the use of headphones and a Hawaiian lei that can really make you feel welcomed to the event. This is perfect for a hens party where your hen and girlfriends will enjoy the tour to The Rocks and Darling Harbour for an hour before going to the dining venue. 

  1. Natural Scent Blending Workshop

Scents like perfume and oil are indeed mostly a part of our daily lives, we mostly have time to buy the perfume that is ready-made.Natural Scent Blending Workshop can add more interesting activity to people, by this workshop, you’ll be able to create your own ideal scent of perfume and oil that you really wanted. So you and your girlfriends can definitely try a new hobby making perfumes that you will surely enjoy.

  1. Hens Treasure Hunt

This is perfect for hens who love treasure hunting in any kind of party, Hens Treasure Hunt will surely add more laughter, smiles and fun to your parties. A very unique activity delivered to you by Hens Treasure Hunt, add cheeky photos to your gallery and wake that childish attitude you have by participating in this activity, everyone must have fun because that’s what life is all about. 

  1. Ultimate Glam Hens – Hair, Makeup, Dine & Limos!

Ultimate Glam Hens provides party packages that you can truly enjoy without getting tired. From beautification, foods, and fancy Limos, a night with your girlfriends is truly unforgettable with Hen’s Ultimate Glam. You will not only enjoy the party, you’ll also be confident of being beautiful attending the party.  

  1. Sydney Hen Flower Crown Workshop

A Hens party in which you can experience the art of making beautiful flower crowns that is located in a very charming room, this is an example of Sydney’s social event. This gathering can help you to let away the creativity you are hiding, the imaginations you have in yourself will be discovered, by spending your time with different people, you can learn and discover yourself making elegant, and creative flower crowns. 

  1. Blissrising Tantric Hens Parties

This is indeed a one-time experience that you can have for the rest of your life. This is perfect for a hens party, an event that you can hold before marriage, this will help you to learn being the best to do sensual activities to your husband. This party can be held for the bride and her friends to discover a perfect activity that you will do to your future husband.

  1. Silent Disco Hire Sydney Services

If you want to have a peaceful party, or activity that requires sound that can’t disturb your neighborhood, this is a very perfect service for you. The Silent Disco Hire Sydney Services uses headphones to trap the sounds within you but you can also enjoy it together with your girlfriends the whole night. A very unique experience that you can join and enjoy for the rest of the day. 

  1. Sydney Cooking School

Everyone loves to eat, but only a few know how to cook good food. Sydney Cooking School is perfect for you where you can experience, social interactions as well as entertainment and of course you can gain knowledge. This activity can help you improve your cooking skills especially when you want to pursue cooking to become a chef or work in a prestige restaurant, or to become a good wife who can cook well for your family and husband.      

  1. Boudoir Photography

This photography studio focuses on a body with less clothing as their subject. The setting is mostly in, portrait studio, bedroom or private dressing room that features more into the subject of sexy bodies, with intimate, romantic, or either sensual poses  and most of the time pornographic that is applicable mostly to couples. This activity can definitely have you and your girlfriends want to do before the wedding day.           

  1. Master Girly Chef! Sydney Hens Cooking Class

This will be a fun experience for all girls who love or want to cook good food, because this cooking class offers a masterclass in cooking as a part of the party, it can be a game or a contest for every girl. You will surely enjoy their most awaited contest in Italian cuisine, this activity is an example that is indeed perfect also in team building and any kinds of girly parties. 

  1. Healthy Hens

Instead of enjoying your life with loud noises and alcohol, Healthy Hens brings you a perfect activity that can make you healthier, enjoy, create memories and most importantly feel relaxed with your loved ones and friends.  Provided with excellent healthy foods and good ambiance, Healthy Hens is perfect for women who value fun as well as health. 

  1. Expedition Escape Rooms

If you’re into mind games who want to have fun, this is a perfect place for you! Solving puzzles, a mind draining, challenging  yet very fun and exciting experience that you will truly enjoy with your friends and family with its different rooms with different challenging games that is timely, provided great customer service. 

  1. You, Me & Bones

If you want to learn sculpting using a candle, this is for you. Offers quirky yet artistic candles that were sculpted like a real skull of a baby, brain, heart and others made by the creator, truly a breathtaking work and you wouldn’t want to light up the candles because it can damage the beauty. A collectible candle sculpture can be a design that is good for display that will add beauty to your place. 

  1. Your First Dance Co

Life must also have a fun time to enjoy how beautiful life God had given us, Your First Dance Co will surely add fun to your life by enrolling and hiring them to teach you with any types of your first dances. It can be your first dance as a child, as an adult, as a girl, as bride or wife, dance with your father, and dance with your baby. Anything is always memorable when it’s your first time, we live to make memories, and Your First Dance Co will bring you those memories and make it the best moment in your life.

50  activities during Night

  1. Real Escapes – Sydney HEns Party Twerk it Dance Class

Dancing is indeed fun, but taking it to the next level is also another level of fun. If you like to twerk like Nikki Minaj, Beyonce, and Rhianna in parties , this is a perfect dance class for you! Especially for the lovely bride who wants to learn twerk for her husband, this is indeed a perfect place for you. You don’t need to be shy when you don’t have an experience, Sydney HEns Party Twerk it Dance Class will teach you and does not require experience that surely you’ll enjoy for the rest of the night!

  1. Puppetry of the Penis Private Parties

Rated X, only suitable for adults. If you wanna pull a party before your wedding, the bride to be and bride’s maids and any adult girls party are perfect for this. A funny and hilarious experience with your friends which you can celebrate at home, in a hotel or any private rooms because it showcases a no under clothing, a man using his phallus as the puppet to spread laughter and fun to the hens which is also a one-time experience. 

  1. The Imperial Hotel

A bar was initially sparkled in the year 1983 that was strongly owned by LGBTQs, but it was closed for 5months in 2015, but was taken over and owned by other LGBTQs, reserved and added more beauty to the establishment and added a vegetarian restaurant to the place. They are offering entertainment for everybody who wants to have fun, provided that you will be accompanied by their LGBTQs entertainers. 

  1. Sydney Hen Karaoke Queen

A karaoke establishment that has different variations of packages, The Diva ,gold star, and red carpet package which you can avail with a few hours of staying provided with music, karaoke bonding with friends and topless hot guys as your waiter with free shoulder massages. This is a party that you and your girlfriend should definitely try out.

  1. Damiens Party Entertainment

Feeling bored and exhausted? You want to have fun and enjoy with your friends? Damiens Party Entertainment can help you. Getting out of your boring life is a fun thing to do. This entertainment establishment offers different kinds of entertainment, from gorilla grams, singing telegrams, hypnotists, dwarf actors and strippers for some, this is a perfect place for you to celebrate your hens partyto get away with your stressful life. 

  1. Go Bananas – Burlesque Show & Dinner in Sydney

Everyone is deserving to enjoy the nightlife, another way is to shake your body and pull out your inner queen soul by dancing, the show will teach you to giggle when you dance like a slay queen. This establishment offers dance lessons, dining as a reward after the lesson and the night life package as the most awaited part of night. Unleashing the inner souls, the real queens are good to go. 

  1. Cranebar

The restaurant/bar with an ambiance of the place is like an indoor sen garden with delicious Japanese cuisine foods. From their cocktsles, craft beer and sake will definitely satisfy your tastebuds. The totality of the establishment is indeed perfect to relax and enjoy your night life provided with great customer service. 

  1. Double Deuce Lounge

A place where good drinks are in, cocktails are their main drink and the ambiance is retro inspired that is suitable for chilling and for people who love retro arts. The food is so good, the staff are chatty and very accommodating, a must-try placefor you and your girlfriends to enjoy.

  1. Vegabond

The magnificent view of the ocean at night. They offer a close interaction with humpback whales. Your group can choose what type of music to play while having dinner, It can be the smooth music of jazz, or the dancing sounds of Elvis rock and roll.Perfect place for a hens night.

  1. Sydney Drag Queen

Sydney’s drag is regarded as one of the best entertainments in the world. This event will be hosted with the best dancers and will make sure to dazzle your night with fun and entertainment. You can hire one of their showgirls to host the party for you and your bridesmaid to have a naughty night with.

  1. Goros, Surry Hills

If you love japanese food ,you will surely love Goros. With the finest japanese delicacies that they offer.You can also stretch your voice up to the sky with the karaoke that they also do offer. With the mix of japanese whiskeys, you and your bridesmaids will surely go spinning all night.

  1. Flirtatious Cocktails – with Hens Pole Dancing!

Going to be ready for a big day and big night after the wedding? This will surely give you the warmup session. With this party option, you can definitely have the option to wear seduction dresses and dance on a pole.After the whole routine, you will be greeted with a sparkling glass of bubbling champagne.

  1. GoodTime Harbour Cruises

The dedicated events team at Good Time Cruises, will help you choose the design and theme of your Sydney Harbour cruise,has all the drinks,menus available, and any type of itinerary and food of the event.Good Time Cruises will help make your dream cruise a reality and will facilitate the event’s preparation, so you can relax and concentrate on having a nice time.

  1. Hens Party Cruise

If you love the concept of having a party on a cruise, this Hen’s party Cruise will do the job for you and your bridesmaid. With the glass in hand and the party starts on a majestic cruise ship. You will be toured around sydney while having the best night ever.

  1. Harbourside Cruises

A full package venue for a night. Harbourside Cruises offers 3 hours cruise, free flowing drinks, and a high quality buffet that is ready to serve, and lastly a professional Dj that will rock you and your girlfriends. Also Harbourside Cruises brings you to beautiful stunning attractions in Sydney.

  1. Aussie Twerk (Nothing BUTT fun!)

Get ready your chick outfits on if you want to shake your booty! For they will be teaching you how to work you and your bridesmaid twerk, yes you read it right! Aussie instructors can’t wait to teach you and your friends! The 1st twerk team in Australia earned a reputation of being a highly reputable twerk instruction school. 

  1. Tandoori Place

Enjoy a fabulous night with Tandoori Place, this place is one of perfect hen’s night venues for the bride to be where you can have a party for your girls. Tandoori Place offers a variety of food, beverages, and entertainment just like cocktail making and drag queens. 

  1. Party Bus Guru

The Party Bus Guru brings the ultimate Best Party Bus Hire in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Our price match  promise is fair for you and our company. No other company can match. If you are planning to have a cheaper hens party with your girlfriend then you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Ding Dong Dang, Surry Hills

This place/Venue is located at Elizabeth street, it is one of the earlier karaoke in Sydney. If you’re looking for a cozy ambiance, I think Ding Dong Dang is for you just don’t expect that this place is digital. Ding Dong Dang offers cheap drinks and they have all songs for you. 

  1. Brooks & Baker (Vintage Dance Hen Parties)

Come and celebrate with us your upcoming wedding by dancing our vintage dance! You can pick your dance style either vintage or your most liked film. This is inclusive for anybody. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to boogie, what matters is to create a memorable night for all involved.

  1. Hens Harbour Playhouse Sydney

Witness the ultimate Hens party ever! Water or land party? We got it for you, with our great value all our inclusive package starts to a private Catamaran, cruises Sydney harbour with topless Host. From only a $149 package deal that you can avail an unforgettable trip to both the land and water, The Sydney Harbour Cruise will deliver excitement and fun to the most memorable moment of your life! A surprising cruise trip that will turn a waterfront venue into a nightlife! With the hottest waiters and the ravishing views of the skyline and the Harbour! All brought to you by Sydney Harbour Cruise.

  1. Private Hens Waterfront Venue

Dancing shows like Burlesque dancing and karaoke? These are the options that you can do in a private hens waterfront venue. You can enjoy the beverages and food packages they offer inside an exclusive waterfront venue. The package they are giving comes with a very affordable price of $99 per person.

  1. Magic Men

Experience the ultimate Hens party of your lifetime and have an amazing time with Magic Men stippers! Grab your girls to party and get ready to scream, giggle, and blush. Every Saturday night Magic Men offers you and your Bride to be the sexiest and hottest men at the venue. 

  1. Luxury Hen Parties 

Wanna have fun and spend the most amazing night of your life? Luxury Hens Parties will bring you the lavishing, fun, relaxing and elegant party right in front of your door! Offering massages, food catering, and anything that suits what hens need. No need to worry about the work after the party and get tired by preparing for a party, all will be ready for you! All you gotta do is enjoy the moment! 

  1. Barenights 

Planning to surprise your friend for a Hen party? You’ve come to the right place! Barenights gives you the hottest and sexiest topless waiters. A night to remember and memorable moments you could cherish for short the best Hen’s party you could ever imagine. Price starts at 95$ per person with a minimum of 5 guests. 

  1. Go Hen 

Wanna make the most unforgettable moment of your life? Go Hen is just one call away! Offers packages before wedding, during wedding and after the wedding. From the wedding cake, wedding dress, pre-wedding celebration with hens, spa, and anything more that can make hens have fun! 

  1. Catch a show

Tired of common activities? Why don’t you enjoy our night with hens in ‘Catch a Show’? Offers 40 programs weekly! You love opera? Musical acting? Variety shows? This is all for you! Unleash your inner artistic soul. This is indeed an activity that everyone can have fun! 

  1. Sydney Hotshots

Wanna see the hottest and the most talented hot guys? Sydney Hotshots is waiting for you! Hot guys hunk like Captain America and Christian Grey. Perfect for a bachelorette party for hens! Enjoy the night and be the center of the spotlight! The bride will surely enjoy the spotlight of the night with delicious food and a hot waiter and pre-show bottle of champagne.

  1. Men in Action

Sydney’s Men in Action offers the ultimate Hens night packages. Come and see our entertaining sexiest stippers we have! Men in Action stippers dance their body on the floor! Our venue is located in New South Wales, one of the biggest cities. Enjoy the entire 2 hour show. 

  1. Secret Foodies 

You wanna have another level of excitement? This surprise dinner is for you and your girlfriends! Tired of common dishes in your dining table? This is for you. Offers different adventures in foods! With these food adventures, you’ll be able to interact with people and travel to different places! 

  1. Chefin

Wanna have a private chef for your dining experience together with the hens? Chefin is perfect! Offering the most delicious dishes right in front of you, with a twist! Chef will do tricks while food is served. Make the bride full with great feasts with her friends and make the most unforgettable food experience! 

  1. Jangling Jack’s

Wanna see and enjoy a bar that is perfectly fit to enjoy? With 1100 by 30 centimeters that you will surely enjoy, with the average size of the bar, you’ll be able to interact with people! Anyways, life is all about good interaction with people, isn’t it? A bar that is perfect for hens and for everybody! With their selected choice of cocktail and their menu that is truly splendous that is indeed mouthwatering! 

  1. XXL The Club

Come and experience the best Hen’s night party at XXL, we’re not just another hens party organizer this is only one piece of our very exciting events! XXL offers a Hens party and dinner to satisfy the needs of you and your bride to be. So our package price starts at 30$ that is silver, 120$ for ultimate hens night. The venue opens at 5pm to 3am in the morning.

  1. My Ultimate Hens – Sparkling Hens Sydney Harbour Cruise

Come aboard and grab your best friends together to come in the heart of sydney and celebrate in style,  treat your hen to a memorable moment of her life that she can cherish forever. The show is a 4 hour celebration by  dancing, singing, drinking with the hottest Dj in town. As you cruise into sydney waters the captain will greet guests and waiters will show your hens party to your vip reserved table. So live and enjoy the night. 

  1. Hen’s Knights

Wanna have fun with sexy and hot topless guys? Hen’s Knights will save you! Hot guys who can right in front of you, no matter what kind of party as long as you feel like it! From Bachelorette parties, girls night-out or even a divorce party! Anyone can celebrate with the most amazing performance by the hottest guys in the city!

  1. The Med Sydney

This is where you can find the largest function halls ,bars and dining restaurants in the city! Known for most of the people in Australia that is located in the famous street Oxford where is the center of most activities. What more can you ask for? Offers great excitement to public, private and even corporate events! Enjoy life with Med Sydney!

  1. Adult Bay

Experts in providing the hottest guys in town! Any type of parties that can make everyone happy, especially a night with girls! Guaranteed that can make your night fun with the sexy, topless waiter , naked butlers and hotty chef, provided with the most delicious food to be served. Save the most unforgettable moments with Adult Bay! 

  1. Centrefold Strippers

Create your own Sydney Hens party with incredible adult entertainment, live the luxurious life and bask in the attention of Sydney’s hottest topless Men at Centrefold Stripppers perfect for you and your girlfriends. This is one of the places in sydney that most hens parties are being celebrated.

  1. Hummerzillaz 

You wouldn’t want to make your wedding day, the most memorable moment in your life must be well managed, from the car you ride towards the wedding venue, walking down the aisle going down from the Hummerzillaz most luxurious cars is a wow factor. The exciting thing is that what’s inside the Hummerzillaz is the most amazing Limo, beautiful and luxurious that can save your day that is money and quality wise. Also available for parties, the indie view can make the most unforgettable moment while roaming around the city! 

  1. Oz Limo Hire

Our Oz limo is the perfect getaway for your Hens party. We will give you a night to remember for the rest of your life. Hens night party is our specialty when it comes in excitement and cruising around town. Our chauffeured Oz Limo has 20 to 24 seater stretch and its primary color is pink and secondary is black and white. 

  1. Home

Home is indeed the best night club you have ever been to feel comfortable, and Home in Sydney is another level, where you can experience the most amazing, fun and ravishing day. You wouldn’t want to waste a chance danding the LAP dance in the biggest nightlife in Sydney provided with the most amazing DJs from local and international that will surely save your lonely day!

  1. Chimney Room at The Captain’s Balcony

Looking for a peaceful and relaxing way of celebrating the Hen’s party? They  got it all for you! The place is a close room with brick walls and good for social gathering with you and your Bride to be. Here we offer Catering and drink, you can access and play your favorite music and do whatever you want just don’t break things! See you here at The Captain’s Balcony. 

  1. Alize Room at i Darts Zen

Alize Room at i Darts Zen can bring you and your girlfirneds one of the most unforgettable moments of your lives! With karaoke and digital darts and delicious food. This place has the capability to host athens party and have the drinks to enjoy for the whole night.

  1. High Tea and Private Hire at Wonderland Bar

You wanna have a magical party? Unleash the inner Alice in you! With the most marvelous tea party and cocktail party with your friends! Great ambiance with different colors to bring you into the Wonderland Bar that welcomes you! Leap down in a rabbit hole and get the party started! Offers different food packages depending on the choice you want. 

  1. Lap of Luxury – Sydney Hens Night!

Want to have the hottest day in your life? With the sexy topless waiter serving you with drinks, hot and delicious finger foods paired with the special games and fun with the hottest guy in the city. You will experience the luxurious night with a limo for you and your girlfriends only to enjoy! 

  1. Bubbly & Burlesque – with Hens Dinner Party

Having fun with the classiest burlesque that will surely provide laughter to all hens, a night of luxury to hens that can make your heart jump to happiness! Make sure to enjoy the night and make the most out of the best dance moves! Provided with the best foods in town, Slay the day with the hens! 

  1. Glamour Party Girl Burlesque Sydney

Prepare yourself for a pure celebration with a fabulous Sydney burlesque Hens party! Your hen will feel like the queen of the world with his very own celebration. The venue is very accommodating and offers a glass of Sparkling, Red & white Wine, beer and Vodka too! 

  1. Charming Burlesque Hens Weekend Sydney!

Looking for a place to dance and set your Hens party? Come and let’s celebrate with us with our flirty burlesque hens weekend package with beautiful city accommodation. We make sure that our place has large spaces for dancing and a kitchen for big treats that your girls will never forget. 

  1. Vault at New Hampton Hotel

A vault room in which the ambiance with timber tables and cobblestone walls is truly ravishing and is open for all kinds of parties especially for you and your hens to do the hens night party. All day dining paired with the most amazing cocktails in town.

  1. Hens Wonderland Sydney

Experience the hottest and sexiest male strippers at Hens Wonderland Sydney! We have a variety of activities to enjoy. Party all night as the DJ rock and roll the party. Hens Wonderland offers food, and Beverages, 3 course Dinne

r of Mediterranean Banquet. Located at Oxford street, on the edge of the CBD. 

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