Arnold Hilado

Digital Marketing / Content Writer / Copywriter / SEO / Email Marketing / Social Media Marketing / Customer Service / HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT

About Me

Hi. My name is Arnold. I am a Senior Writer. With more than 2 years of Experience . Covered all the parts of Content. Which is Content , Article, Product Description, On-page and Off-page SEO , Copywriting , Press Release ,Reviews and Blogs.
As well as WordPress Content Editor/Creator, News Article SEO Optimizer and Editor. Ecommerce Website Store Content and Website Content Creation.


Have been a Customer Service Representative for 12 years. Worked with Phone, Chat and Email support.

I also have Experiences such as a Operations Manager , Team Leader , Trainer and also Human Resource Department under Different accounts for 6 years. Inbound and Outbound customer lead generation and support. Have handled Teams and accounts such as Real estate , Sales , Technical and Credit repair accounts.

Services I Offer

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a systematic marketing strategy that focuses on creating and providing useful, adequate and effective content in order to attract and retain a particular audience and ultimately generate profitable customer behavior.

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps to shift your customers from one point to the next in your sales enclosure. The email marketing services that I provide are designed to help you speed up your sales cycle. In other words, emails encourage people to buy the products and services they wish to give to their customers.


Copywriting is a form of writing compelling messages and advertising documents that invites individuals to take some sort of action, including certain buying of a product, tapping on a link, donating to a cause, or planning a consultation.

Social media marketing

Knowing the effects of social media platforms, maintaining an online presence would always be a must for companies. This is where the marketing of social media is taking place. Via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, to name a few, allowing your customers to reach you is already a significant move forward for you and your business success.


Human resource professionals prepare, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of the company. They oversee the recruitment, interviewing and hiring of new staff; collaborate with senior executives on strategic planning; and act as a link between the management of the company and its employees.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of creating such contents with the preferred keywords to rank for. I will make sure to help you increase your ranking and visibility online.

customer service

Customer service has been the service that you give to your customers—both before and after buying and using your products or services—that allows them to have a simple and exciting experience with you. Offering great customer service is crucial if you’d like to keep customers and develop your business.



Arnold is a very professional and a very good writer. Keeps all the work updated and very open to communication as well as feedbacks.

Highly recommended!!

— Carlos Fang

I was extremely happy with the way my website was completed

— Sean Murphy

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